Inspired Creativity

At the age of 18, I faced the big question: should I become a goldsmith or study business administration? At that time I did not have enough faith in my own creativity and so I decided to go to university. Upon graduation I worked as a management consultant and then later on as a human resources developer. I actually enjoyed it, but with this decision, all the artistic creativity in me was lost along the way.
In October 2016 I got a birthday present from my good friend Matt. It was a pendant of a key with a crown on top of it. He said to me, “This is to remind you of who you are. A child of God, with a calling and a key in the hand to release this identity in others.” My first prophetic gift. I carry this necklace with the awareness of who I am and what are the promises given to me in my life. A wonderful feeling and a great way to remember and declare good things.
With this incident, things started to roll again. I started to have frequent dreams of different jewelry designs at night. At the same time, Bible verses began to speak to me in a new way. Ideas started to come to me on how these verses could look like in symbols as pendants. God also drew my attention to the meanings of names and what wonderful promises those names carry. The meaning of names became a theme that can be reproduced very well in chains and jewelry. In the summer of 2017, I met Annette at a Christian conference in England. She was selling her self-made jewelry there. We started talking and I told her about my dreams and my desire to make jewelry myself. I told her that I wanted to use jewelry to remind people of their identity and God’s promises, and to encourage them to hold on to it. She was got excited immediately and encouraged me to get started. Since then I started to make jewelry again. I enjoy it especially when God starts to talk and then something beautiful comes out of it. A God-inspired creativity that finds an expression in my jewelry. I hope you like will it and become a companion and an encouragement for me on my journey.