I am His

A blog story by Andrea Sahm

I believe that God speaks to us. Time and again he used people to speak prophetic words into my life. Words that have strengthened me in my foundations and that have always reminded me of how God sees me, what He thinks about me and how much He loves me. Our hearts are changed whenever God becomes personal and speaks individually. I hold His healing truths about me in my heart closely and learn to live, and even think differently from how I used to. These truths help me to leave the past behind and take on brave new steps.

Embodying God’s truths and promises have always been important to me, as I am someone who likes to meditate upon words. Almost 3 years ago, I started to learn a printing technique that carves words and phrases onto wood. This gave my creative nature more and more space to express. First of all only for me, then for my friends and now for anyone who would likes to have a prophetic word on wood. It’s a wonderful journey for me to experience how encouraging and true words can carry power in itself.

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In autumn 2018, I met Ulrike at the ICF Ladies Lounge. Immediately I liked her jewelry collections with the imprinted words. With her vision of making jewelry that serves as a personal encouragement and a companion, she caught my attention and I knew that I would definitely go home with a necklace. As I was thinking about my favourite Bible verse or word that I would like to have on the jewelry, Ulrike showed me the necklace “I AM HIS”. It was immediately clear that is a perfect match. “He calls me his Princess, and I am his”

Since then, I have been wearing this necklace like a seal. It always reminds me of how He calls and sees me.


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