Our Impressed Jewelry Story in an interview

Just before we went live with our online shop, Dani from Life Lived Intentionally spoke to me and she interviewed me. We talked about how it all started, what the idea behind our jewelry is, and how we experienced the process of starting our own business. Have a look.

Watch interview.

You can find the full English version of the blog here. You can read the German blog summary on our German page here:

How wearing prophetic jewelry can change your life

A few months ago, I had the wonderful privilege of chatting with Ulrike Teoh, founder of Impressed Jewelry – Love Written in Metal. She designs handmade Christian prophetic jewelry created right from her home in Berlin, Germany.

Here are a few quotes from our interview:

“We need to start changing our belief system. Jewelry helps because in the morning you choose to wear a different word that helps you to be aware of what you want to see, and start declaring.”

“How did God design? How did he create? He used words! Whenever we start speaking, whenever we start declaring we are actually bringing things into existence. It starts inside of us; how we think and what we believe.”

Here is an overview of some of the topics we chatted about:

  • Failures that have helped her grow
  • What inspired her to make prophetic jewelry in the first place
  • What it’s like being a self-employed mama
  • How God started giving her jewelry designs in her dreams
  • The importance of relationships to keep you going, be your cheerleaders
  • Why you should learn to dream BIGGER!

All the answers can be found in this interview

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