Maren Dubowy’s Story

My husband and I met Ulrike and impressed jewelry at an event last year. Before we left, she gave me a bracelet she had made especially for me. There was a pendant with the word “speak” stamped onto it. On top of that, she printed a Bible scripture on the packaging: Proverbs 31,26 “When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly”.

She had the impression that God wanted to use my words and that I should be more courageous to stand up and speak. It was as if God Himself spoke to me. I was totally overwhelmed. This was just the right word for my life situation and my personal story! Expressing my own thoughts is what I am working on. In the past, it was often difficult for me to address things, take a stand and stand up for myself, especially in a professional context.

Not too long after that, I had to take on a difficult conversation at work that I was afraid of. On that day I wore the bracelet and it kept reminding me of the Bible verse and what God had said about me. In the end, it was one of the best conversations of my life. Since then I have become much more courageous.

The bracelet has now become a vital piece for me and there is hardly any day that I don’t wear it. It always reminds me of how God sees me and what He says to me. It encourages me to take courageous steps in challenging situations that push me to my limits. During such situations, it becomes as if the bracelet speaks to me: “Don’t let it get you down”, “Open your mouth”, “Speak!”.

When Maren told us her testimony, we were excited and so we asked her to write it down for us… and for you. If you have had similar experiences, please send us your stories. We would like to share it in the next blog story. You can also tell us what your heart is beating for and where you want to see people being empowered.

Here is a little insight into who Maren is and what she stands for:

It is very important for me to encourage women, to show them how valuable and beautiful they are, and what God has put into them. The topic of true beauty is especially on my heart – to make the inner beauty of every woman shine. I love makeups. A few years ago I got trained as a makeup artist in order to creatively serve and encourage women. When I make up women, my aim is not to create a mask with a lot of makeup, but rather to bring out the individual beauty and personality that is in every woman in a unique and natural way.

Maren Dubowy - Make up Artist

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