Lisa Reil tells her story with “impressed jewelry” and introduces her passionate project TGiM (thank god it’s monday), which is all about the power of appreciative words. This is so that employees not only look forward to Fridays but also to Mondays….

Lisa: I ordered two individually made necklaces for Christmas in 2018 from “impressed jewelry”. It was for my friend and business partner Julia, and as well as for myself. I requested to have the words that connect Julia and me stamped in. It is a big and important word for us – TGiM, a company we recently started together.

We have known each other since our uni days and gone through the most different life situations together. We have never lost sight of each other, because something unites us. It’s hard to put this into words, but when I tried, these came out: passion, compassion, love. We have also had this incorporated into the necklace.

Last year we both announced that we shall have changes in our career. My employer, for example, wanted to carry out a major restructuring and Julia had quit her job. That was the impulse for an evening with good whisky and sitting on Julia’s cozy couch where the idea for TGiM – Thank God it`s Monday was born. Our goal was to increase success in companies through using “praise boxes” to improve the culture of appreciation and also atmosphere.

Our own experience as well as many other studies show that appreciation is still a scarce commodity at the workplace. The negative effect of using few concrete words of appreciation is so unbelievable. Why do companies not use this resource? How about having employees that are looking forward to Mondays and not just Fridays? In order to convey a culture of appreciation to as many companies as possible, we founded TGiM on 01.01.2019.

Ever since I got the necklace, I wear them very often. Since October 2018, I have been in the announced restructuring process of my “old company”, which I will continue to support until the end of 2019. On top of that, I shall be setting up TGiM. The restructuring affects my entire team, which I built up over the last seven years. Whenever I hear the necklace jingle or look down at myself, I see the words and know that I have to persevere now, because a great future awaits me and us. The necklace is my anchor for positive energy. It connects TGiM and the idea to change the world in a creative way with my friend Julia.

Thank you Lisa and Julia! We are looking forward to your journey and are sure that “passion, compassion and love” will accompany you. We wish you all the best and look forward to working together in the future to equip your praise boxes with beautiful jewelry as encouragement for the employees.

If you want to know more about TGiM, you should visit their website or Facebook and Instagram.

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